Warp – Swirl

This plugin will swirl the faces of an object. It can create a whirlpool-like effect with video mapped on an object. You have separate control over the outer portion of the swirl (near the outside edges of an object) and the inner portion of the swirl (near the center of the object).

HollywoodFX image001 Warp – Swirl HollywoodFX image002 Warp – Swirl

Swirl options and example

Swirl From Transition

When checked, the swirl will automatically increase over the entire time of the effect. When cleared you can control and keyframe the inner and outer swirl amounts manually.

Inner and Outer

These two spinners control the amount of swirl at the inner and outer edges of the swirl. They are only visible if Swirl From Transition is cleared. Moving them in opposite directions will create more of an overall swirl. Keyframing the values over time can create interesting results.

Swirl Plane

A swirl is calculated along a 3D plane. Use these buttons to change which plane the swirl is calculated over.


Use this slider to control the distance from the center of the swirl to its outer edge.

Offset (X and Y)

Use these sliders to move the center of the swirl. You can animate these over time to make it look as though the swirl is moving (like the eye of a storm moving).

Warp – Swirl