What is Hollywood FX?

Hollywood FX is an incredible collection of true 3D transitions and effects that you can add to any video production. Hollywood FX works as an integrated plugin to your video editing software (the “host application”). Hollywood FX is:

·    True 3D: Hollywood FX uses OpenGL to provide hardware accelerated, high quality 3D rendering.

·    Easy to use: Simply drag-and-drop Hollywood FX into your timeline like any other transition or filter. The Hollywood FX window will appear and you can select a transition, change your options, or customize an effect.

·    Organized:
Transitions are organized into conveni­ent bin categories with icons that let you find the transition you want quickly.

·    Convenient:
With every transition you can quickly change the flight direction, lighting, shadows, shine and antialiasing with the click of your mouse.

·    MultiWindow excitement: Hollywood FX sup­ports unlimited video sources to create multi-layer 3D composites. Create cubes with different video sources on each side, and much more.

·    Expandable:
Additional theme packs of 3D transitions, effects, plug-ins and more are available through Pinnacle Online, and Hollywood FX PRO lets you share your own creations with other users. Visit Pinnacle Online at:


What is Hollywood FX?