The Envelope Editor

HollywoodFX image001 The Envelope EditorThe Envelope Editor is used for advanced keyframing of flight paths and individual options in Hollywood FX. When you first use Hollywood FX, the Envelope Editor is hidden to keep things simple. When you are ready to begin using the Envelope Editor, open it by clicking on the Show/Hide Album tool in the middle-right of the Hollywood FX window.

The Envelope Editor is used to create keyframes for whatever control is currently active in the Hollywood FX window. The current control’s name is highlighted in green to indicate that it is the current control, and that the Envelope Editor can be used to create keyframes for that control.

There are two basic types of envelope: the Single-value envelope and the Multiple value envelope.

ð The single-value envelope

ð Multiple-value envelope

ð The Envelope window

ð Key Type controls

ð Keyframe controls

ð Keyframing example

ð Saving and loading envelopes

ð Exiting Hollywood FX

The Envelope Editor