Tutorial 6.2: Adding a filter plugin

Now, let’s make our cylinder do a cool dissolve over time using the Gradient Wipe filter. Hollywood FX includes a number of plugins for filtering media video and for warping 3D objects.

The Gradient Wipe plugin uses a grayscale gradient image to dissolve a Media item using the “shape” of the gradient as the shape of the dissolve.

To add the Gradient Wipe plugin:

1.      Scroll down to the Filters and click on the Plugins

2.      Click on the Gradient icon and drag it to the FX Tree and drop it on Host Video 1 of the Large Cylinder object

HollywoodFX image001 Tutorial 6.2: Adding a filter plugin

Adding Plugins: 1) Gradient Filter attached to Video; 2) Plugins Album selected; 3) Gradient Wipe plugin selected.

The new plugin will be added directly below (and indented) the Host Video 1 Media item, and the item Properties panel will change to show the Gradient Wipe options.

HollywoodFX image002 Tutorial 6.2: Adding a filter plugin

The Gradient Wipe options

We will now select a gradient image and set some options.

To set the options for Gradient Wipe:

1.      Click on the Select Gradient… button. A file requester will appear.

2.      Change the current folder to the Hollywood FX\Images\Gradients folder (this should be the default).

3.      Double-click on the Clouds1.tga file.

4.      Make sure Wipe % From Transition is checked.

5.      Change the Softness slider to 80.

6.      Change the Border Size slider to 30.

7.      Click on the Border Color button and select a yellow color from the color requester.

8.       Try playing the preview. Now the cylinder looks as though it’s being eaten away by acid as it flies off screen. Rather than tie the transition amount to the FX duration, you could have keyframed your own transition amount to have the object partially dissolve then reappear, and you could envelope softness, border size, and color to create a more dynamic and interesting dissolve.

HollywoodFX image003 Tutorial 6.2: Adding a filter plugin

Same cylinder, now with gradient wipe

To conclude this tutorial, save your modified FX one more time.

To resave:

·    Select Save from the File Menu. The current folder should default to the last folder you saved an FX in. The name will also default to the original FX name.

When you are finished, try rendering this FX in your Host application to see the final results.

As you can see, by modifying existing FX and using plugins you can create dramatic and exciting new FX.

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Tutorial 6.2: Adding a filter plugin