The Envelope window

HollywoodFX image001 The Envelope windowClick the Envelope button to access the Envelope window, which displays the current envelope and lets you quickly click and drag to create new keyframes for an envelope.

The Current Time slider

HollywoodFX image002 The Envelope windowAt the top of the envelope window you will find the current time slider. Like the preview slider, it lets you move back and forth to different times in the FX. Left-click and drag the slider back and forth to move it. As you move it, the preview slider in the Monitor window will move also. If you move the time over a keyframe, that keyframe will be highlighted in red to indicate that it is the current keyframe.

The Time ruler (timecode divisions)

HollywoodFX image003 The Envelope window

At the top of the window is the Time Ruler. The Time Ruler shows the total time of the FX. This is controlled entirely by changing the duration of the FX in your host application. The timecode used in this ruler can be adjusted in the Settings menu.

The Transition ruler (percentage divisions)

HollywoodFX image004 The Envelope window

All keyframe information in Hollywood FX is stored as percent values of the total transition. This allows Hollywood FX to handle true intraframe editing.

Normally the values in this ruler run from 0% to 100% coinciding with the Time Ruler above it. However, this can be affected by certain Effect Options settings.

The Envelope window