Licensing and registration

HollywoodFX image001 Licensing and registration

The License Tool

Registering your software gives you access to important benefits including current updates, support, upgrade promotions, and information on exciting new products from Pinnacle Systems.

Hollywood FX Basic and Plus do not require registration, but will continue to remind you until you have registered your software.

Hollywood FX PRO is copy protected, and users must register within 90 days to continue using the software.

When you register a Hollywood FX product, you will receive a permanent keycode that fully enables Hollywood FX on a particular computer and stops the registration reminders.

You can register from any Internet-enabled computer by connecting to If you do not have your own Internet-enabled computer, you can register from any computer that is connected to the Internet (from a library or Internet café for example).

If you reformat your system drive and reinstall the operating system or move Hollywood FX to a new computer, you will need a new permanent keycode, which you can obtain at

Licensing and registration