Adding a Hollywood transition

HollywoodFX image001 Adding a Hollywood transition HollywoodFX image002 Adding a Hollywood transition

Multiple ways to select a Hollywood FX

Before adding a Hollywood FX transition, prepare two video sources on the A and B tracks of the timeline, so that there is some overlap between the two video clips.

HollywoodFX image003 Adding a Hollywood transition

Timeline prepared for Hollywood FX Transition

To add a transition to the timeline:

1.      Click on the Edition.FX tab in the Project window, then double-click on the Plugin Transition FX folder, and the Pinnacle group.

2.      Drag Hollywood FX from the Project window into the timeline, between the two video clips.

3.      Double-click on the transition block or Right-click on the transition and choose the Edit… command from the popup menu.

The Hollywood FX dialog will appear, letting you choose a specific transition, and change options for your transition.

HollywoodFX image004 Adding a Hollywood transition

A Hollywood FX Transition in the timeline

Adding a Hollywood transition