Shape and dissolve

HollywoodFX image001 Shape and dissolve

Morph Shape

Many of the 3D objects in Hollywood FX can change shape from the original flat screen video to a unique 3D shape. This slider is used to control that shape change. At 0% the object is not morphed at all (and usually will be flat). At 100% the object is fully morphed into its final shape. Anywhere in between, the object will be partially morphed between the original flat shape and the final shape. Use this slider along with the Envelope Editor to create interesting new shape changes. For example, with the Small Cylinder FX, you could have the object morph back and forth between flat and cylinder to create a flapping FX.


This slider lets you adjust the transparency of an object. At 0% the object is completely opaque. At 100% the object will be invisible. Use this slider with the Envelope Editor to create interesting results like dissolves or fade-ins.

Shape and dissolve