Filter – Gradient Wipe

The Gradient Wipe plugin is like a very simple version of Alpha Magic – but you can apply the gradient wipe to the surface of any 3D object. It lets you select a grayscale gradient image and use it to dissolve the selected media.

HollywoodFX image001 Filter   Gradient Wipe HollywoodFX image002 Filter   Gradient Wipe

Gradient Wipe options and example

Select Gradient

Click this button to select a gradient to use. Use the file requester to find a gradient image. Gradient Wipe supports Targa (tga) and Bitmap (bmp) images. You can find some sample gradients in:

Hollywood FX\Images\gradients

Wipe % From Transition

If this is checked, then Gradient Wipe will automatically dissolve the media during the entire duration of the FX. If cleared, then the Wipe % value (and any envelope for that value) are used to dissolve the media.

Wipe %

This determines how far the media is dissolved. Normally you will create an envelope for this value to change the dissolve over time.


This determines how soft the edges of the dissolve are. The higher the value, the softer the edges of the dissolve. If Border Size is not 0, then this affects the softness of the colored border.

Border Size

This slider can be used to create a colored border at the edges of the dissolve. The larger the value, the larger the border. At 0, no border is present.

Border Color

Click on this button to select a color for the dissolve border. When Border Size is not 0, this color will be used as a border for the dissolve.

Filter – Gradient Wipe