Before you start

Before getting started with Hollywood FX you should have a good working knowledge of your Windows system. You should be able to use the mouse to select menu options and should understand and be able to use the common controls.

You should also be thoroughly familiar with your video editing software. You should be able to use clips in the timeline and understand how to add and modify transitions and filters.

Throughout this document we use the term FXto refer to the transitions and effects in Hollywood FX. This term generically describes the following types of transitions and effects:

·    Transition:
These are standard A-B transitions, where one video source transitions into a second.

·    Transition+:
These are also A-B transitions; however, they may have additional video channels that can be mapped with video. For example, the FlipOver FX features the first video source flipping over like a card to reveal the second video source. There is a third video source that is visible in the background as the “card” flips over.

·    MultiWindow:
These effects are not transitions at all. Instead, windows of video may fly on or off the screen into various positions while playing your video.

·    AniComps:
These are effects that frame a picture, provide 3D titles and accentuate a video segment through animated composites.

Before you start