Tutorial 1.6: Basic render options

The Basic Options Render controls let you adjust special rendering features of the 3D engine.

Render type

Normally objects with curves are rendered with smooth surfaces. You can use the render type to change to faceted or wire surfaces.

To change the render type:

·    Select Flat from the Render dropdown. Notice that the object no longer appears smooth.

·    Select Wire from the Render dropdown. Notice that the object is now rendered as a wire-frame rather than a solid object.

·    Select Smooth from the Render dropdown to return to smooth solid rendering.


Because of the low resolution of video, sharp edged 3D effects will often exhibit blocky stairstepping along the edges of objects. Antialiasing eliminates much of this problem. Hollywood FX includes three methods of antialiasing (although the preview generally displays only edge antialiasing).

HollywoodFX image001 Tutorial 1.6: Basic render options

Selecting render options

Antialiasing first look:

·    Select Web/CD under Antialiasing and notice how the edges of the 3D ball are smoothed.

·    Select Video under Antialiasing to switch to scene antialiasing. This generally will not change the preview, but during final rendering full Scene antialiasing will be used.

·    Select Hardware under Antialiasing to take advantage of some of today’s high-end graphics chips.

The additional checkboxes and advanced shadow controls are described in more detail under Quick Lighting Controls.

When you are ready, click OK in the Hollywood FX dialog to exit, then render your project to see the results.

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Tutorial 1.6: Basic render options