Object properties

When an object is selected in the FX Tree panel, the Object Properties panel is displayed. The Object Properties panel gives you controls to keyframe a new path for an object or to adjust its morphing or dissolve level during an FX. Using the Object Properties and the Envelope Editor, you can completely customize any FX to create an entirely new and unique result.

HollywoodFX image001 Object properties

Object Properties: Interactively adjust object’s position (1), rotation (2) and scale (4) in the Monitor window; 3) These fields show the pitch and yaw of the object’s rotation; 5) Adjust an object’s shape and dissolve over time using these sliders along with the Envelope Editor; 6) Adjust the pivot point of an object; 7) These Flags define whether an object casts/receives shadows and will be a transition object.

There are two types of objects in Hollywood FX:

·    A null object is a special object that is invisible and is used only to position and control other objects (see Object Hierarchies). A null object is represented in the preview window by a white cross, and in the FX Tree panel by a box.

·    A normal object is one that has rendered polygons and is usually visible in the FX. This is represented by a box in the FX Tree panel.

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Object properties