Installing Hollywood FX

If Hollywood FX was included in a Pinnacle Systems’ solution, it will be installed automatically with that product, and you can skip this section.

Before installing Hollywood FX, verify that you have the correct minimum requirements:

·    PC-compatible computer with at least a 300 MHz (Intel Celeron/Pentium II, or AMD Duron/Athlon class processor).

·    Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

·    64 MB RAM (more may be required by your video editing software). For multi-window effects, 128 to 256 MB (or more) is recommended.

·    At least 200 MB hard disk space.

·    16-bit or 24-bit display adapter. A 3D OpenGL accelerator is recommended.

To install Hollywood FX:

1.      Insert the Hollywood FX CD into your CD-ROM drive. The main installation menu for your software will appear.

2.      Select Install Hollywood FX. The Language Selection dialog will appear.

3.      Select your preferred language then click OK. The Serial Number dialog will appear.

4.      Enter the serial number that came with your software (normally found on the first page of this guide or on the CD-ROM sleeve). Enter the serial number exactly as shown, including dashes, then click OK.

5.      Click Next to continue. The Setup Path dialog will appear.

Normally you should accept the default path for installation. Do not select your non-linear editor’s plug-in path for installation; the installer will automatically install the files needed into your non-linear editor’s folders. Click Next to continue. Hollywood FX will be installed on your system.

After installation, the LicenseTool dialog will appear. You have the option to register online immediately (see Licensing and Registration).

After installation, you may be required to restart your system.

Installing Hollywood FX