Hollywood FX levels

There are two levels of Hollywood FX for Edition:

·    Plus:
This version is included with Edition 5 and includes 300 FX plus advanced control over lighting, light direction, shadows, shine, motion blur, trails, antialiasing and more. Plus lets you customize any transition with full keyframe editing of flight paths, object shape (morphing) and transparency of objects.

·    PRO:
Gives you more than 100 additional transitions (over 400 total) and gives you complete control over all 3D rendering options. PRO provides a complete suite of 3D tools to create your own 3D transitions and effects:

·    Complete keyframe editing of all object, surface, light and camera attributes in a full 3D editing environment.

·    Includes a suite of image filters including: Blurs, Directional Wipe, Edge Wipe, Gradient Wipe and Luma and Chroma key.

·    Includes a powerful suite of 3D warp plugins including: Alpha Particles, Displace, Explode, Peel, PolyShrink, Swirl and Twirl.

·    Adds an incredible 3D text generator that lets you create amazing 3D text fly-ons.

·    Import your own 3D objects (Lightwave 5 format) to create completely unique 3D effects.

·    Share your customized effects with others by exporting a simple self-installing compressed file that contains the effect and all objects and images needed for that effect.

You can easily and instantly upgrade between these levels over the Internet at Pinnacle Online or purchase packaged upgrades from your video reseller.

This is a complete guide for both the Plus and PRO levels of Hollywood FX. Sections and features only available in PRO are marked with PRO .

Hollywood FX levels