Tutorial 4: Keyframe editing with envelopes

This tutorial demonstrates the way you can keyframe any option in Hollywood FX to create advanced results.

Hollywood FX uses the term Envelope to designate a set of keyframes that describe how an option’s value will change over time in Hollywood FX.

Prepare for the tutorial and select the FX:

1.      Create a new project in your host application.

2.      Add two video clips and create a two-second transition between them.

3.      Add Hollywood FX as a transition between the two video clips.

4.      From the Hollywood FX window, select the Tumble 2 transition in the Flying Windows group.

Before continuing, please change to Percent settings. This will make it easier to follow the tutorial.

To change to percent settings: With the Hollywood FX window open, go to the Setup menu, move down to Timecode and change to Percent.

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Tutorial 4: Keyframe editing with envelopes