Tutorial 1.1: Selecting an FX

When the Hollywood FX window is displayed, you will immediately see the FX Album Folders (the FX you chose and the FX Folder it is a part of should be highlighted). The FX Album has two major panels: the FX Album Folder tree showing the different FX Folders and the panel showing the FX Album Items of the FX Folders allows you to select one of the many FX available. For this tutorial you will select an interesting transition called Ball Split. This FX is in the Basic Shape group.

HollywoodFX image001 Tutorial 1.1: Selecting an FX

Selecting a folder (1) and an item (2) in the FX Album.

To select the Ball Split FX:

1.      Select Basic Shapes from the FX Group popup list.

2.      Click on the Ball SplitFX icon.

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Tutorial 1.1: Selecting an FX