Plugins PRO

Hollywood FX is a remarkably expandable program. You can add new FX, new objects to create FX, and new plugins that expand Hollywood FX’s capabilities in many ways.

A plugin is basically a special program that can be “attached” to an item in an FX, modifying the item in some way. There are two basic types of plugins currently available for Hollywood FX.

Image Filters: These are the traditional plugins you will find in non-linear editors and older effects programs. These plugins are used to modify Media items. They can be used to adjust colors, blur an image, create keying effects for compositing and much more. In Hollywood FX, Image Filters can be attached to any Media item, or to the Effect Options item. When you attach an Image Filter to the Effect Options item, it will filter the output video rather than one of the media items.

Warps: Warps are true 3D object plugins that are unique to Hollywood FX. These Warp plugins modify 3D objects in some way, such as twisting the object, exploding it, or doing a page-peel on it.

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