Tutorial 4.3: Creating the envelope

Hollywood FX makes it extremely easy to create envelopes by simply clicking and dragging in the envelope window. We want to create an envelope for dissolve that makes the object disappear over the entire length of the transition.

To create a simple envelope: Click-and-drag the slider in the envelope window to the end of the timeline and click on the keyframe HollywoodFX image001 Tutorial 4.3: Creating the envelope
button. Drag the keyframe you create all the way to 100% value and release the mouse.

HollywoodFX image002 Tutorial 4.3: Creating the envelope

The envelope after creating the first keyframe. 1) Click here to create your first keyframe; 2) A second keyframe is created automatically at time 0%; 3) Make sure your slider is here; 4) Resulting keyframe.

Notice that there are two keyframes (indicated by blocks). The one at the end is the one you created. The keyframe at 00:00:00 is created automatically, since all envelopes in Hollywood FX must at a minimum have keyframes at each end of the envelope editor.

Also notice that the preview and the current time slider at the top of the envelope window have moved left to right, from beginning to end. Notice that the keyframe at the end is highlighted in yellow to indicate that it is the current keyframe.

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Tutorial 4.3: Creating the envelope