Tutorial 7.1: Changing Peel options

Let’s try changing some options to see what they do.

To modify Percent of peel completed and Angle of Peel:

1.      Clear the Peel % From Transition checkbox (the Peel % slider will appear).

2.      Clear the Direction From Transition checkbox (the Angle of Peel spinner will appear).

3.      Change the Angle of Peel spinner to -45 and the Peel % slider to 50.

HollywoodFX image001 Tutorial 7.1: Changing Peel options

Angle of Peel showing (L) -45 and (R)180. (Note: The lighting was adjusted on each and Full Shadows was turned on so that the object would cast a shadow on itself.)

The Peel % controls how far the peel has progressed. This can simply be tied to the total transition time, or can be keyframed individually to create interesting effects, like partial peels. Now let’s play with the Peel Radius.

To modify the radius of the Peel:

·    Move the Radius slider back and forth to see the result. When finished, leave the Radius at approximately .10.

HollywoodFX image002 Tutorial 7.1: Changing Peel options

Radius of Peel of .10 (L) and 1(R)

Finally, there is a checkbox that controls whether to perform a roll (which is the default) or to actually peel without rolling.

To Peel instead of Roll:

·    Click on the Peel instead of roll checkbox.

HollywoodFX image003 Tutorial 7.1: Changing Peel options

Roll (L) and Peel (R)

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Tutorial 7.1: Changing Peel options