Media properties

When you select a Media item in the FX Tree panel, the Media Options will be displayed in the Item panel. The Media Options panel gives you the ability to map video and image files onto the 3D objects in an FX.

Usually, Source 1 and 2 come from the host applica­tion’s timeline and normally you will not remap those. The Media items are most often used to map additional video sources for MultiWindow FX, when the host application does not provide that video.

HollywoodFX image001 Media properties

The Media Options panel: 1) Use the Select buttons to replace any Media with video from the host application, or from an image or video file; 2) Different video/image files can have different field/frame orders; 3) Use cropping to remove video blanking or create interesting results; 4) Use the slider and In and Out buttons to trim a video source; 5) Create interesting playback effects with these controls.

ð Media Selection

ð Trimming

ð Cropping controls

Media properties