Warp – Polyshrink

The Polyshrink plugin shrinks each polygon in an object, creating something like a dissolve in the 3D world.

HollywoodFX image001 Warp – Polyshrink HollywoodFX image002 Warp – Polyshrink

Polyshrink options and example

Shrinkage From Transition

If checked, the polygons will shrink uniformly over the entire time of the transition (by the end of the transition, the polygons will disappear). If cleared, you can control the Shrinkage and keyframe it over time.


When Shrinkage From Transition is cleared, this slider controls the amount that the polygons (or fragments) are shrunk. At 100%, the polygons disappear completely.


At 0, individual polygons are used, at other values, this slider determines the number of fragments created. So when this slider is 4, four large fragments are created over the entire object surface. Those fragments can then be shrunk over time.

Use jagged pieces

When checked this can produce more interesting fragments (though it is slower to render).

Warp – Polyshrink