Warp – Peel

The Peel plugin lets you roll or peel any object. For doing a traditional peel on a flat object, we recommend you use the High Mesh 1 object in the Basic Shapes folder.

HollywoodFX image001 Warp – Peel HollywoodFX image002 Warp – Peel

Peel options and example

Peel % From Transition

When checked (the default), the peel amount will automatically be tied to the total transition time, so that the object will peel over the entire time of the transition. Clear this checkbox to keyframe the peel manually over time.

Percentage of Peel Completed

When Peel % From Transition is cleared, you can use this slider to manually control and keyframe the amount of peel over time.

Radius Of Peel

This slider controls the “size” of the roll. The larger the number the bigger the roll.

Reverse Radius of Peel

When checked, the peel will be behind the object rather than in front.

Peel Instead of Roll

When checked, the plugin will peel back the object rather than perform a roll.

Direction From Transition

When checked (the default), the direction of the peel is controlled by the Flight Direction spinner on the FX Options panel. When cleared, you can control the direction of the peel with the Angle of Peel spinner, and can keyframe the direction manually over time.

Angle of Peel

This spinner controls the direction of the peel.

Peel Plane

This determines which 3-dimensional plane the peel ‘rolls’ across. For a flat object like High Mesh 1, you will usually leave this set to the XY plane. For other objects you may want to switch to different Peel Planes to see the result.

Warp – Peel