Warp – Explode

This 3D plugin lets you explode any object into pieces and provides very fine control, with advanced options, over every aspect of the explosion.

HollywoodFX image001 Warp – Explode HollywoodFX image002 Warp – Explode

Explode options and example

Time From Transition

When checked (the default), the explosion time will automatically be tied to the total Transition time, so that the object will explode during the entire time of the transition. Clear this checkbox to keyframe the explosion time manu­ally.


When the Time From Transition checkbox is cleared, you can manually control and keyframe the explosion time using this slider.

Fragment Size

This slider controls how many pieces the object will be broken into for the explosion. When set to 0, the object is broken into individual polygons. This generally produces the most number of pieces with the quickest calculation. Above 0, the plugin will attempt to generate the number of pieces indicated by the slider. If the Jagged Pieces option is checked, this can take a good deal of time to calculate.


The Chaos sliders below many options add a certain amount of randomness to the option above it. The higher the value the more random the calculation.

Jagged Pieces

When checked, the pieces of the object will have jagged edges and might look more realistic. This option does take longer to calculate.


This slider controls how quickly the pieces explode away from the center of the object. The higher the number, the faster the pieces move.

Velocity Decay

This slider controls how much each piece slows down over time. The higher the value, the more each piece will slow down after the initial explosion.

Rotation of Fragments

This slider determines how much each individual piece rotates around its own axis. The higher the value, the more each piece spins around as it explodes.

Decay Affects Rotation

When checked, the rotation of pieces will also slow over time along with the velocity of the objects.


This slider controls the amount of gravitational pull. The higher the value the more each piece is pulled by gravity.

Plane of Gravity

These buttons determine the 3-dimensional plane that gravity pulls along. By default this is set to XY which means that gravity will pull along the X and Y axis, based on the direction selected by the Gravity Spinner.


This spinner controls the direction that gravity pulls along the selected Plane of Gravity. This spinner along with the Plane of Gravity selection controls the final direction of the pull of gravity.

Warp – Explode