Filter – Edge Wipe

This filter allows you to quickly “wipe away” a source image using a framed border with optional soft and curved edges.

HollywoodFX image001 Filter – Edge Wipe HollywoodFX image002 Filter – Edge Wipe

Edge Wipe options and example

Wipe % From Transition

When checked (the default) the Wipe % is automatically tied to the total transition time, so that the wipe will finish at the same time as the transition. When cleared, you will be able to use the Wipe % control manually to control the wipe.

Wipe Percentage

When Wipe % From Transition is cleared, this slider gives you manual control over the completion of the wipe.

X and Y Offset

Normally the wipe is centered on the source image. Use these sliders to center the wipe anywhere on the image.

Corner Radius

With this slider you can control whether the corners of the wipe are square or rounded. The higher the value, the more rounded the corners.


This slider controls the softness of the edge of the wipe. The higher the value, the softer the edge.

Border Size

This slider controls the size of the colored border. At 0, there is no border at all. The higher the value, the larger the border.

Border Color

Click this button to select the color of the border. The border is only visible if the border size is not 0.

Filter – Edge Wipe